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Recovery Monitoring Solutions has developed an Intensive Outpatient Program that has a multi-phase approach, is tailored to each client’s needs, and is licensed by the Texas Department of Health Services. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is divided into three phases:

• Stabilization
• Tools to Succeed
• A Sober Life

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We are an Adult outpatient facility that provides Treatment and Education to include Intensive Outpatient Program, Supportive Outpatient Program, Aftercare, Relapse Prevention, and Anger Management for both English and Spanish clientele. We have developed our program to fit the needs of our clients. Each program is based on a cognitive-behavioral model coupled with a 12-step program overview and involvement requirement to reduce the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on the client so they can lead healthy and productive lives. The goal of the Outpatient Program is to return the chemically dependent individual to a productive and healthy lifestyle through a treatment program that operates in the least restrictive environment and most cost-effective manner. Recovery takes pride in providing timely, comprehensive reports to reflect the participation and progress of the clients referred by the courts. All programs can be modified to the specific needs of each court requirement whether it is an extended period, shorter period, or frequency of reporting.

Recovery Monitoring Solutions has developed a comprehensive online substance abuse treatment program to help meet the needs for those who need to complete a treatment program addressing substance use disorders with limited ways to fulfill these obligations. Online counseling provides an affordable option for those who have hardships of living in a rural location, have limited resources for child care or transportation, or just don’t have the means in their community. Recovery Monitoring Solutions provides clients with a live counselor and to participate in individual and group sessions with other participants. They receive the education and treatment needed as a result of substance use disorders. Clients can access the program by computer or smart device to complete all paperwork and then meet with the counselor in a “skype like” session. During group sessions, clients can participate in an interactive setting to talk and see other group members and their counselor to enhance the learning experience. The counselor can see all clients during the group sessions to ensure active participation and learning is achieved.

The online program that Recovery Monitoring Solutions complies with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The online program that is used provides a secure communication platform that enables the online counselor to meet the requirements of confidential communications with the client and referral source.

The Licensed counselor educates the client on many aspects of recovery. Some of the lessons include the Disease Concept of addiction, Cognitive Behavioral, Relapse Prevention, 12-step program, Anger Management, Addiction and Family Roles, to the Stages of Change to name a few. Recovery Monitoring Solutions will continue to develop education and treatment courses to meet the needs of clients and their referral sources.

Recovery Monitoring Solutions offers comprehensive substance abuse evaluations at an affordable price at our Dallas location as well as online.

RMS has is a state certified facility under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations for all educational classes.

• DWI Basic Education
• DWI Intervention
• Drug Offender Education Program

Other classes available at our Dallas Location include:

• Weapons Education Safety Training Program


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