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Supportive Outpatient Program

In the program’s second phase, the client attends evening sessions two times a week for the next 4-10 weeks. During this phase, the client begins to embrace a sober lifestyle.

During the Tools to Succeed phase, the client:

  • Learns the tools that fortify a sober life
  • Begins to trust the process of group therapy
  • Begins to confront life problems in a group session
  • Completes the fourth and fifth steps of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous

Group therapy is key because the client begins looking at life on different terms as he or she receives group support and gets to observe other members’ struggles and successes. At this point, “acting your way into right thinking” becomes an axiom to live by.

In order to move into the final phase of the program, the client must have embraced sobriety and the Twelve-Step way of life, have a stable job and be compliant with his or her terms of probation.  

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