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GPS Monitoring

Allied Universal Tracker 1

Designed for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use, the Allied Universal Tracker 1 (AT1) lets you focus more on your monitoring program and less on your equipment. The benefits of the AT1 include multiple tracking technologies, LTE and Wi-Fi communication, pursuit mode, and the widest array of interference detection in the industry. System updates and new features are released and installed wirelessly with no need for hardware upgrades.

The innovative technologies packed into it combine to provide precise, reliable tracking that interfaces with Allied Universal’s popular EM Manager software.

Key Benefits

  • LTE and Wi-Fi Communication – delivers the most reliable coverage nationwide
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and Tower Based Tracking – ensures continuous tracking, even indoors
  • Interference Detection – provides cutting edge technology with the widest array of interference detection in the industry
  • Pursuit Mode – turns on real-time tracking
  • Onboard Processing – furnishes immediate alert notifications
  • Two-Way Communication – offers LED lights, vibration, and acknowledgment button
  • Data Backup – stores more than 30 days’ worth of data in nonvolatile memory
  • Water Resistance – splash resistant
  • Slim Profile – weighs less than 6.5 ounces



Allied Universal Tracker 1 (AT1)
Dimensions 3.72L x 1.82H x 3.30W inches
Weight < 6.5 ounces
FCC ID NC3-14024VL
Battery Recharge Time < 2 hours in normal use
Battery Life ~ 40 hours
Water Resistance Splash Resistant
Operating Temperature Range -10° to +40° C
Stored Temperature Range -20° to +60° C
Humidity Range 15% to 90%
Nonvolatile Memory > 30 days
Communication Methods Vibration, LED lights, button



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