Useful Public Service

Community Service Set-up Instructions

RMS UPS Participant Agreement

RMS- Community Service Set-up English 05252021

If at any time you have questions for court-ordered community service, we are here to help you. These are the quickest ways to reach one of our staff members to assist you: Main phone number: 303-825-3061 Email:

R STEP 1 – Your Probation Officer needs to submit a Referral via our Website • Our Website: • You will need a valid email address and phone number for us to contact you.

R STEP 2 – We will send you an email confirming that we received the referral The email will include the following information: • Useful Public Service Participant Agreement packet • Instructions on how to complete the paperwork

R STEP 3 – Community Service Fees In order to get started, fees are required to be paid prior to being placed in the Community Service program. Accepted forms of payment include money order, exact cash, and credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express accepted). No personal checks accepted. You can make a payment by giving us a call or when we contact you to schedule your intake. How much is your fee? The fee schedule is as follows: 5 You were ordered 16 hours or less = $75.00 fee 5 You were ordered 17 hours or more = $120.00 fee 5 You were granted an extension by the Court past your original termination date = $50.00 fee 5 Your case is a Juvenile (JD/JV) case = $75.00 fee

R STEP 4 – Forms 1. Photo ID – take a photo of an ID and email a copy of it to us. 2. Useful Public Service